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Release Date: October 2023

"Pokémon Card Game Classic" is here!

"Pokémon Card Game Classic" is jointly developed by the design office nendo, Creatures Co., Ltd., and The Pokémon Co., Ltd. under the theme of "a universally playable Pokémon card game."

With its own regulation, you can play all the time.

The three decks enclosed in "Pokemon Card Game Classic" include cards with the same illustrations as the cards that appeared in the "Pocket Monster Card Game 1st Expansion Pack" released in 1996, as well as cards newly designed for this It includes cards that can be said to be the culmination of all Pokemon card games, such as Pokemon ex!

None of these cards have a regulation mark on them, and they are designed so that various cards can be used together as one deck, transcending the boundaries of the current Standard Regulations, Extra Regulations, and Hall of Fame Regulations.

* Cards included in "Pokemon Card Game Classic" cannot be used in official tournaments, except for basic energy.

In addition, all items necessary for battle are newly designed from scratch!

■ Set contents

・ Deck (60 cards) ... 3

* Due to the nature of construction decks, multiple of the same cards are included.

・ Play mat integrated case ... 1 piece

・ Flip deck case ... 3 pieces

・ Deck shield (64 pieces) … 3 sets

・ Tool box ... 1 piece

・ Useless counters…64 (10 useless counters…36, 50 useless counters…18, 100 useless counters…10)

・Poison/burn markers…2 each

・ Silver ball ... 2 pieces

*Except for basic energy cards, they cannot be used in official tournaments.

Product overview [Body size/weight]

35 x 72 x 10:cm about 4,200g

*Because it is under development, the size and weight are subject to change.


Play mat integrated case: PES/PU/PE/magnet

Deck case: PU/PES/magnet

Toolbox: ABS resin/PU

Damage control, marker: aluminum alloy

Silver ball: stainless steel

Deck shield: PP

Card: paper

Deck, deck shield: Made in Japan

Other parts: Made in China

[Target age]

9 years old or older


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