One Piece Card Game - Pillars of Strength OP-03 Booster Box - English

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Release Date: 30th June 2023

Booster box English This One Piece Card Game booster box contains 36 packs of op-03 cards, providing 150 all-new cards for players to strengthen their decks. This set features powerful new characters, Followers, and Events, allowing for innovative and strategic deck setups. With this booster box, you'll have everything you need to make your mark in the world of One Piece.

  • A new color ''YELLOW'' Deck is now available. New players can start playing ONE PIECE CARD GAME with this deck, and existing players also want to have the new yellow deck!
  • OP03 Booster is themed on the strong enemies of the past, such as Water 7, East Blue, Big Mom Pirates!
  • OP03 Booster full-fledged inclusion of the new “Yellow" colour cards!

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